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One online retailer is demonstrating very clearly that recycled fashion can mean a highly successful fusion of fair trade and funky fashion, with a range of gifts and accessories that are perfect for this summer.
Glasgow, United Kingdom, 22nd June 2010 ““ What do you get when you combine fair trade, fashion and imagination? The answer may well be the wide range of beautiful recycled fashion gifts and accessories available from online retailer Saffron Winds.
Their range of recycled fashion items includes scarves, clutch bags, handbags, purses and jewellery, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms. The wide range of recycled fashion accessories available at Saffron Winds demonstrates clearly just what can be achieved when you apply a little bit of creativity and craft to the challenge of creating new, exciting and gorgeous items which work beautifully with this summer's colours and fashion styles.
Bright colours, vibrant textures, stunning detail and unusual materials which make great talking points, the range of recycled fashion goods at Saffron Winds are a perfect example of how fair trade and fashion can come together. The range of clutch bags, handbags, purses, jewellery bags and wash bags look colourful and vibrant, perfect for this season. Unbelievably they're made from recycled fish bags and rice bags, meaning that not only are they bright, colourful and a real talking point, but they're helping to transform unwanted materials into something people are snapping up like hot cakes.
The recycled fashion items available at Saffron Winds also includes a range of stunning jewellery, the beads of which are made from recycled posters, meaning that not only are they fun and colourful, but every single item is different and unique. That's one of the appealing aspects of recycled fashion ““ no two items are ever quite the same, which makes a welcome change from the factory produced identical products many of us are used to accepting.
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Saffron Winds is an online retailer supplying a wide range of recycled fashion accessories, fair trade clothing and gifts.

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