South Africa Vacations

There are many different kinds of guided tours and safaris available in South Africa as this is probably one of the most diverse regions in all of Africa. There are opportunities to see this continent's wondrous wildlife, including the 'Big Five,' lions, elephants, buffalo, cheetahs and both white and black rhinos. This isn't all that this area has to offer either, there are many different species of animals, including perhaps one of the most endangered on Earth, the wild hunting dog.

There are thousands of different kinds of birds, and plants, and you have many different climate types. There are many indigenous tribes that are hired to provide tours and many activities to do.

The nice thing about guided safaris and tours in South Africa is that everything is provided. For one price your meals are covered as well as accommodations , and activities. The only thing you need to pay for out of your own pocket is any taxes, and gratuities, as well as any souvenirs and extras. You get to get off the beaten path, enjoy native cultures, see sights that many people who do their own self guided tours never get to see. There are night trips, where you can witness large predators in their natural hunting grounds, as well as get up close to many of the animals, but from a safe distance.

There are all kinds of different adventures to choose from. You and your family can spend time with actual native tribes while participating in all of their daily activities and learning their culture first hand. There are also many Eco tourism opportunities as well, like helping conservationists relocate and tag large land animals, bringing them to preserves, and replacing old radio collars with new ones.

With all the different kinds of adventures to choose from, the biggest problem is finding one that suits your needs. Whether you are traveling by yourself, with your spouse or family, or in a group there are an abundance of different itineraries to choose from. One family adventure is the South Africa, Cape Town to Kruger park Family Adventure, which lasts eleven days. Not only are you able to enjoy some of Cape Town's greatest places, but you spend a day at a time at Table Mountain, Robben Island, and the Cape Point Nature Reserve. You will also to visit Stellenbosch in the heart of South Africa's wine country, with tasting and cellar tours.

You will take a marine cruise, visit three different nature preserves, including Kruger National Park, Grootbos Nature Preserve, and Sabi Sabi private reserve. Some of the activities included are kayaking with penguins, biking, hiking, and open 4WD safaris. You will experience fine dining, and stay at a guest house, or nature preserve luxurious lodge.

South Africa and the entire African region, is an simply an amazing place to go on your vacation.

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