Volvo Trucks belongs to Volvo Lastvagnar Company, Sweden and is also the second largest heavy duty trucks manufacturers in the world. The company was formed in 1928 and since then the progress is unstoppable and unparallel. There are so many models that are being launched and introduced by the company and have smashed the entire industries with the help of driving quality and comfort to the insiders. Volvo always invents something new in the engine field to make the speed of the trucks splendid!!

Volvo Trucks are having the massive staff of 22,000 employees around the world and are selling 1, 00,000 units of trucks every year which can be a huge pride in the industries. There are also some of the sister companies producing trucks like the Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks and UD trucks. These trucks are also having the largest share in the trucking industries.

Volvo Dump Trucks are having some of the fabulous features that make the company a front runner in the industries. Volvo is the producer of the first ever Hybrid Refuse Trucks. Volvo is not the company that just produces the profit for them but is the leading company in fulfilling the responsibility towards the society by creating the environmental friendly trucks and the eco friendly engines to the trucks. Volvo Dump Trucks are having so many specialities.

Volvo Trucks are the trucks with huge M11 Cummins Engine that are having larger capacities and also are one of the best engines that are used in the trucks. The specialty of this engine is to have the character of fuel saving option. This engine is used rarely by any of the other company. The engine produces 400 Horse Power energy and 8LL Transmission that is quite sufficient to make the truck a powerful unit. The pulling capacity of the truck is also enhanced by the gigantic 400 Horse Power energy.

The Trucks are enriched with 16’ Jaco Dump Body that is considered as a special feature of the trucks. Both the sides of the trucks are of 48“ body size. The Air Tailgate is a unique feature and some of the models also have Barn Door Tailgate. The Trucks are also having an Aluminium Electric Tarp System that improves the strength of the trucks along with the Heavy Duty Pintle Hitch. Volvo Dump Trucks are also having the prime feature of 444 rears and the suspension of the truck is made of the strongest and toughest materials of Hendrickson. Some of the models are also having the Series 60 Engine that produces lesser Horse Power and also are available cheaply than the regular trucks.

Dump Trucks are the trucks that are attached with the economy quite largely as they are the main providers of the arrangements for dumping wastages and industrial harmful particles. Dump Trucks are the trucks that make huge sense in the eco friendly attitude. There are so many trucks and types that help the nature in their own way to create proper balancing in the nature and transportation. Dump trucks are one of them and also they are the prime source of making the society dump free!!

So, have the best Dump Trucks along with the best company of the trucking industries and get benefitted with the qualitative trucks!!

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