4 Ways To Create Residual Income Right Now!

If you're wanting to work less and make more money then creating a residual income is where you need to put your focus.

By creating a residual income you can build it to where you want it to be ($1000, $5,000 or whatever a month), and then do very little work to keep it coming in.

The first thing you need to decide is how you're going to create your residual income. Next you'll create a plan to get it to the income level you want, and then implement your plan to get it there. Once it's there, you'll find yourself doing very little work to keep it there, and still getting paid month after month.

Here are 4 ways to create residual income right now...

1. Start A Membership Site

Just about any niche out there has a need for a membership site. By creating a membership site and charging a monthly fee, you can create a very nice residual income.

Let's say you charge $20 a month for your membership site, and you have a goal to get and keep 100 paying members a month in your membership.

You'd simply do the leg work to get the 100 members, and then the little bit of maintenance to get a few more each month for those who drop out of your membership site.

You're doing some upfront work, and then just work here and there to keep your income!

2. Promote A Membership Site

Don't want to create a membership site? No problem! Just find a membership site that will pay you a monthly commission. You can easily find these by searching your favorite search engine for "residual affiliate programs", "recurring commissions", and the like.

This is a great option if you don't want to have to work to upkeep a membership site with new content, support, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with running a membership site.

You basically will do the same thing here... Work to get your commissions where you want them, and then just do a little maintenance work to keep your income level where you want it.

3. Create A Service

I pay for tons of different services each and every month. Take a look in your niche and see what services you could provide. Create your service, charge a monthly income for it, and you have a residual income coming in.

Depending on what your service is will depend on the amount of work you have to do, so be careful when choosing this route. You don't want to get into something that requires a lot of work!

4. Promote A Service

An even better option is to promote a service. There are so many different online services out there that you could easily promote, and make a nice residual income off of.

Simply do some research in niche you are interested in. Find services you can promote and get started creating your residual income with them.

Now that's just four ways to create your residual income and there are so many variables to it. However, it all comes down to...

1. Finding something that will pay you monthly. Either you own it or your promote it for someone else who owns it.
2. Create a plan to get X number of people paying to get your income to $XXXX
3. Do a little maintenance work each month to keep your residual income where you want it!

It really is that easy!

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