Dale Solutions, Virgin Media are losing customers but increase customer value.

Virgin Media manage to keep their revenues in line with expectations although they lost more customers than expected.

Sources at Virgin told Dale Solutions that the company had increased the customer value of each customer, making up for the loss in customers.

Virgin Media is a UK based cable firm offering a range of TV services, Mobile and high-speed Internet. Dale Solutions analysts point out that the UK market is very competitive and customers are consistently switching providers to get the best monthly deals available.

Dale Solutions explains that the average spend of a customers rose by more that a pound exceeding company targets. Much of this is down to the variety of services that they have on offer.

Virgin Chief Executive Neil Berkett told Dale Solutions that the outlook for the next two quarters was strong and they expect to keep the high customer value and to increase its customer base.

Berkett explained to Dale Solutions that they are well positioned to deal with the challenges ahead. He believes that that the wide range of services that they offer will ensure that they will get the customers needed.

Virgin Media is in a competitive environment, it has to compete with BSkyB, BT and other local broadband providers. Yet it continues to grow as a company, many customers go to virgin and take up three quarters of all services they provide.

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