Home safes are soaring in popularity all across the nation: thanks to the poor economy, incidents of illegal home invasions are up, and homeowners are doing everything they can to keep their valuables away from the wrong hands. Keeping a safe handy allows important items to be stored under lock and key yet remain easily accessible when they are needed. Of course, not all secure containers are created equal: some are definitely better than others. Here's what to look for.

--Style and type: Most homeowners opt for a free-standing model that can be conveniently placed in a closet or along any wall. It should be unobtrusive and space conscious for maximum convenience and extra security. If you prefer, opt for a smaller wall safe that can be installed in a recessed area of the wall and covered with a painting or other decoration. The wall version is a great choice for safekeeping pricey valuables like fine jewelry.

--Solid Construction: Some models are so whisper-thin that advertising them as security tools is laughable. Insist on getting a container that features heavy gauge all-steel hard plate construction, doors that are at least 1" thick, and Type 1 electronic locks. Many of the best models also come with pre-drilled bottoms which allow the container to be bolted to the floor for extra security.

--Options: Burglary is not the only threat to valuables: natural disaster is too. Therefore, fire protective features are essential, no matter which model you choose. The best types can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as 75 minutes. Don't settle for a safe that doesn't offer fire protection! Other great options also include illuminated interiors, convenient adjustable shelving, and even upholstered interior walls.

If investing in home safes is in your immediate feature, be sure to select one that is manufactured by an established, reputable company that backs up its products and has the expertise to help you choose the one that's right for your needs. If you are looking for quality home safes product for your own home or offices visit our website now!

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