Colombostile and The Ken Hamlin Foundation are proud to present the private celebrity auction fundraiser to benefit the Ken Hamlin Foundation and the local YMCA. Where Uberto Gucci of the Gucci Family will be unveiling his latest limited edition sketches for Colombostile to our exclusive guests and the world.
The event will be hosted by Colombostile at their world class celebrity driven showroom, featuring hand made Italian furniture located at 4500 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida 33137 on June 4, 2010 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.
The reception will be a live auction directed by Ken Hamlin where our VIP guests will have the opportunity to bid on generous donations made by Artists and local Businesses. Highlighting works by Uberto Gucci, Colombostile and noted Miami artists Stephen Gamson, Noel, Carol Adrianza as well as spa getaways, dinners at local restaurants and VIP bottle services at hot night clubs.
Once VIPâ€â„¢s will arrive to the Colombostile showroom where the red carpet will lend itself for photo opportunities by local/national press and they will be serenaded by the smooth sounds of Gabriela Ferrer. Hors dâ€â„¢oeuvres will be passed compliments of Zuccottoâ€â„¢s Catering. A tobacconist will also be on hand to prepare cigars for our guestsâ€â„¢ enjoyment.
The Auction items will be on display through out the showroom for our guests to view at which point Uberto Gucci will unveil his sketches of his limited edition designs to our exclusive guests and media. He will then introduce Ken Hamlin to commence the auction where all proceeds will go to the Ken Hamilin Foundation and the local chapter of the YMCA.
Uberto Gucci is the great grandson of Guccio Gucci the founder and creator of the Gucci Empire in 1921, whose life is synonymous with style. Uberto Gucci was the Vice President of Gucci and now after a creative sabbatical he returns to his passion in design.
He will now be coming to the United States to unveil to the world his new project with Colombostile and his partnership to further develop a new shoe line with Tatjana Labato and Alessandro Malaguti.
Continuing in the Gucci heritage, with the reputation of their excellent leather craftsmanship, he will now raise the bar of luxury by redefining style and exclusivity alongside his new partners.
Another objective of Uberto Gucciâ€â„¢s upcoming visit to the United States is to represent the Gucci family and to clarify the controversy surrounding the production of the unauthorized biographical movie currently in the making in Hollywood, California.
Colombostile brings to Miami a highly imaginative collection of hand made furniture from Italy. Colombostile boasts impressive, accomplished projects including the famed Burj Al Arab of Dubai and many other hotels, the Kremlin in Moscow, countless embassies and a selective private clientele. Founded in 1886 in Meda, (Milan) Italy and are known throughout the world for their exclusivity and luxurious hand made pieces with fine wood, precious metals, hides and stones. In October 2009 they launched their first â€Å“to the tradeâ€Â showroom in the United States in Miami just north of the Design District on Biscayne Boulevard at the Atrium.
Ken Hamlin Foundation was founded by Kenneth Hamlin accomplished NFL player, entrepreneur and community servant on the premise to assist empower and support economically disadvantaged youth and single parent families. They provide funding and experiences for young people to benefit from educational, leadership, and talent development opportunities. Single parents benefiting from their programs will find support and assistance to engender productive lifestyles for their children. The foundation hosts Youth Football and Leadership camps, The Helping Hand Fund and Community Investment Programs. These programs assist youths in gaining new direction and leadership in their lives and by assisting families monetarily that are experiencing extraordinary economic hardships.
Abstract painter, sculptor and printmaker David Wolff was recently featured in the Contemporary Focus exhibition at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Knoxville Tennessee has exhibited nationally and internationally. With influences from mid 20th century, Renaissance and Baroque dramatic spaces, but also conscious of late 20th century and 21st century influences, David also directs and curates shows at Fluorescent Gallery, a unique Contemporary exhibition space in downtown Knoxville featuring emerging artists.

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